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Augmented reality in ecommerce provides consumers with an immersive experience. It enables them to have real time interaction with products from the comfort of their own home.

Arts & culture

3D scanning of historical artefacts brings many benefits to your collection. Museums can now offer their exhibits in 3D form to users in the comfort of their own home and even replace lost or damaged artefacts!


3D models can have their key features highlighted showcasing your products main features and benefits to your clients in an emersive and engaging way. View a demo


We know that every project is different. That's why we offer a wide range of pricing options for our clients to find the right fit!


While we offer an on-site and off site service, smaller items can benefit from lower costs using our postal service.

Scanning guide

We can scan a wide range of products with differing materials and sizes, from small ornaments to larger items like furniture.

Object size

We can scan object from as small as 30mm up to 4 meters.


We offer an on-site, off-site and postal service.


Our scanner can scan to an accuracy of 0.04mm at a resolution of 0.25mm providing a highly accurate likeness of your product.

Reflective materials

Objects with metallic or glossy finish can be difficult to scan but with 3D scan spray the object can be coated in a very fine film of powder to aid scanning.

Flat surfaces

Large flat and featureless surfaces will require use of 3D markers (small stickers) to provide enough features for the scanner to detect. These markers are then automatically removed post scanning.

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